Prevent the 1% spending their ill-made money

When the 1% cannot spend their ill-gotten money the motivation to be greedy, corrupt or criminal disappears. The reason for all decisions must not be to fill the own pocket but the idea that all people have the same status.Which goods and services the 99% never can buy, in which places the 99% are not allowed to enter? That are goods, services and places for people who can spend more than 200.000 euro in one year. Spending 200.000 euro in one year should be the limit!

200.000 euro is an arbitrary amount of money but you have to start somewhere. The English ex-prime minister Blair does not have to be paid anymore 250.000 euro for a short speech and the nearly ten million kids who die each year before they are five years old get a chance to live. 

Exclusive clubs, expensive sex clubs, special sports, holiday places, schools.
Exclusive conference places, expensive hotels and restaurants, free journeys, mostly paid for by corporations.
The art world, the luxury world with watches of a million, laptops of five million a piece, fashion, jewellery, furs.
Houses (the size as well as the number of houses).
Cars, boats, private planes or extravagant plane tickets.
Security and service personnel.
Electronic communication networks or special magazines.

In all these categories the 1% distinguish themselves from the 99%. Everything has to be exclusive and expensive so that the 99% are excluded from participating. The 1% live in a privileged world where the inferior 99% may not come. Everything turns around money.

Actions connected with these categories put pressure on the 1% but hardly influence the life of the 99%. That complies with the action rule that damage to the 99% must be minimised and pressure on the 1% maximised.  

By preventing that the 1% can buy and use extravagant goods and services or can enter special places we disturb their cosy, privileged and exclusive living situation so they must descend to the world of the 99%. Then we enter a New Humane World where all people have the same status.

About Joost van Steenis

My latest book "How to make Revolution, developing the Fourth People's Power", can be downloaded for free from my site It contains new ideas how to take the money and power away from the most powerful people, the elite. It strives to get a new society in which not money is the pivotal point of all discussions but the idea that all people have the same status. New action means are introduced to reach this paradigm shift (a revolution) that concentrate on direct actions in the living sphere of the elite.
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17 Responses to Prevent the 1% spending their ill-made money

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  4. This looks like a novel concept. Concern of not being able to actually spend the ill-gotten money can eventually stop these people from trying to acquire bribe money.

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  6. Tim Iacono says:

    So many things need to change in order for society to remove itself from the chains holding humanity incarcerated within a rich mans world. To begin with we need a government driven by the will of the people but operated by individuals chosen as being the best available for the job. Their deputies also the best for the job, because their mission will be to construct a new and fair system for all. currently we live in a system ruled by nepotism and parochialism when what we probably need is a meritocracy, the best person for the job gets the job, and to work our way down the ranks, each time finding the best available persons, thus, with a solid and ‘good as can be’ personnel structure, we might be able to create societies that operate for the mutual benefit of all citizens. While I believe the 200,000 maximum expenditure system can work, there must be in my opinion a structure of compensation where people willing to work harder and train more can receive greater rewards. why should a person only willing to work 30 ours a week in a fast food restaurant be paid the same as a doctor who works 60 hours a week, after first of all training for 8 years to become one. but i don’t see these matters being problematic.

    • I know indeed quite a few people who work very hard but also some doctors who have a working week of an hour of thirty and still have a big income (though less than 200.000 euro). Under this limit there is room for diversity. I have been teaching in the past and because of my higher education I got more salary than most of my colleagues though many of them were better teachers than I was (and worked harder). A problem indeed but one that can be solved. The old left adagio that everyone should work according to his capabilities and earn according to his needs has still some value but I do not see how you could fulfil this demand in practice – maybe after a revolution when people see other solutions than they can see now.

      The 200.000 spending limit is in the first place an action idea that gives activists clear targets, all goods and services that cannot be bought by 200.000 minus people. And it put pressure on the 1% while the damage to the 99% is minimal. In the second place it is meant to replace the dominating paradigm that all decisions are taken because of the money factor by the idea that all people have the same status. They are not equal because all people are different – and I am happy with that. But why someone who collects garbage (something I should not like to do) should earn less than someone who teaches mathematics (except for the period needed to study (a solvable problem)) I do not understand. But nobody has moral right to have a higher status at the cost of other people.

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  8. Bill Otinger says:

    Mr Joost Van Steenis , has the Same Ideal I have, Keep Controlled Capitalism , Communism Lazy People will not Work, if they can EAT for FREE, Control the Amount of Money any one Person can have, Set a LIMIT at 20,Million then they must Retire Give some to Charity,

    Requiring GOLD and SILVER for Money is an ILLUSION , Rome was Made GREAT with Copper & Brass Coins, You could use Pink ToothPicks, SECRET is Control the Amount and the Flow, see Video on youtube THE SECRET OF OZ,

    I think each Community should Fund its Own Hospitals, health Care etc, Have a Sharing Center for Tools and Equipment, Have its own Bank keep Profit for Community, Own Car Insurance etc

    • I greatly agree with you but you describe what is happening today while I am interested by what will happen tomorrow when we, the 99%, become active by controlling, vetoing or even punishing faulty leaders. And we do that by intruding into their privileged world and make that world uninhabitable so they have to descend to our world and live our life. Then their decisions will change also because they cannot spend their ill-gotten money anymore so why should they take decisions as now that benefit their group. .

  9. Bill Otinger says:

    The People that are RUNNING the WORLD Live Quietly in LARGE CASTLES, Known as ””’BLACK NOBILITY””””they have Many Many GROUPS Paid and Deceived AGENTS Working for them, President Kennedy said they have UN-LIMITED Money , FBI Head Hoover said the CONSPIRACY is so BIG so MONSTROUS No one will believe its Happening

    Black Nobility have the ZIONIST, JESUITS, METHODIST, ADL, KKK, AIPAC, ILLUMINATI, BILDERBERG, UN, NATO, 3 Generations of BUSH Family see Video WhiteHouseCoup, How the Rothschilds & Vatican Bank stole American Money System see video on youtube FIAT EMPIRE, SECRET of the FEDERAL RESERVE,

    The Ultimate Goal is world wide “”””COMMUNISM”””‘Where 3^% Controls all the MONEY the Rest are Chemically and Electronic CONTROLLED SLAVES, The Only Real Humans will be the Elite with their EVIL MINDS CONTROLLING a MINDLESS Bunch of Workers, They Refer to we at Present as TRANS-HUMANS see 3 Hour Documentary TRANSFORMATION and my Brief Video Humans into ROBOTS,

    see come from Star Wars GWEN & HAARP, MkUltra is Obsolete Compared to GWEN,

  10. tremblesblog says:

    Great idea, might be difficult to police but if we are chipped you could do it. One way to really screw the 1% would be to stop using money altogether, also no gold and silver as a form of tender. Then, they are as poor as everyone else. All we need to do is find a replacement. In fact, why should we pay for anything anymore? as long as people continue to make things people can have things. If there is no money at all and we all work for each other, help each other according to need, not want or desire.
    I know it’s a dream, but if we were all of the same mind it could work, but we are not and it won’t.

    • Garrett says:

      Do you know about the participatory planned economy idea and effort ratings?

      • No Garret I have never heard of it though I can imagine something. Maybe a nice idea but I have an objection. I think that it are ideas how another society could work. But how to come in a new society. Of course we can think about it but the first step and most attention should be directed on the problem how to laeve this society and take a step on the road towards the new Humane World. That is where I write about. Of course I have some ideas about the new society, in first place the replacement of money as the pivotal point of all decisions by the idea that all people have the same status. When money should get a less prominent place than the next step is to prevent that people can spend too much money, so I thought of the idea that nobody could spend more than 200.000 euro in one year. Going further this idea opens the road towards many objects that can be attacked. I gave already some examples as preventing that someone can buy a painting for 100.000.000, a painting that should be available for everyonj to see (all have the same status). Now the actions are not clear, there is not yet a great goal and a great target in Occupy. That I try to advance. Prevent the 1% to continue the privileged life that they are having now.

  11. Josh Boyaner says:

    Perhaps a good idea might be a progressive HST luxury tax on any one item. A $50,000 Rolex could be 28%%; a 2001 Nissan (3%) or a $200,000 Porsche(38%)….

    • The problem with taxes is that they only can be imposed by the government and that again The People remain inactive. In a new humane society we need active interested and involved people and that can be learned on the way towards this new humane world by among other things, preventing that anyone can use or buy a watch of 50.000 dollar or a Porsche of 200.000

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