The road to the future is more important than the future.

The target is the 1% and the goal a better future without selfish greedy rich. The Movement has no immediate demands but is in for the long trip to a new future in which a new kind of powerful citizens will come into existence. It is our prime task in to start on the road towards this new future.

In this future the 1% has ceased to exist and the 99% have learned to be active and involved in subjects that interest them. But discussions about new systems are utopian. It is preposterous to prescribe now how a new society looks like, that is the responsibility of the people who live then.
All systems, be it communist, anarchist, fascist or whatever, try to restrict the freedom of the 99%. Living autonomous people who have individual power must come first and not dead systems. 

The road to the future is the most important event. By putting pressure on the 1% the 99% start to change in self-conscious citizens and become a new kind of people with a new kind of power that prevent that ever again selfish 1% rule the world.

How farther humanity proceeds on this road the better The People see how a New Humane society looks like. Now we have hardly any idea of a future where all people have the same status. To move is human but moving is now restricted by the greed and the domination of the 1%. And by outlived action methods that were not successful in the past.   

The present activities should promote the power of common people and the importance of individual citizens. In these actions the 99% put direct pressure on people they have assigned as decision-takers. The 99% must force these people to take decisions in the interest of all people and not anymore in favour of a few already privileged people.  Demonstrations and other mass actions only support the autonomous actions in the War of the Flea. In the New Humane Society The People have developed an individual power. Then the 99% do not govern but only control, veto or punish if assigned people take wrong decisions.  

Movements differ from political organisations that slowly try to improve the present society without transgressing the boundaries set by the 1%. Political organisations restrict the creativity of the 99% because they have fixed short-term goals. They cannot break through the walls that keep us prisoner. We must break through these walls and start moving on the road to a different future. Only Movements have the power to reach the grassy meadows outside the walls. 

Do not worry too much how the new future will look like. The road to the future is more important and more interesting than philosophies about the future. With a new kind of actions that pressure the 1% we take the first step on this road and reach a future in which not money rules the world but the well-being of all people who have the same status.

 Joost van Steenis

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My latest book "How to make Revolution, developing the Fourth People's Power", can be downloaded for free from my site It contains new ideas how to take the money and power away from the most powerful people, the elite. It strives to get a new society in which not money is the pivotal point of all discussions but the idea that all people have the same status. New action means are introduced to reach this paradigm shift (a revolution) that concentrate on direct actions in the living sphere of the elite.
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7 Responses to The road to the future is more important than the future.

  1. Bruce Eggum says:

    Yes.” A vague goal and ideas how to reach that goal (the road to the future) are enough for a movement.”We must take this and run with it. Lots of discussion [dreaming] likely.

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  5. Bruce Eggum says:

    True. But more is needed. We need goals based on our unified Values & Principles. Perhaps we need to define our Values and Principles first.

    • In the time I was hitchhiking I once had the vague goal to go (from Amsterdam) to the South of France. But instead of going directly south I – by chance – arrived in Schwitzerland then went to Italy and in the end indeed arrived in France. Very nice trip. You do not now what happens when you are standing at the sitde of a road and where you are going. But you see new things, get new experiences and in the end arrive still at the vague goal and I stayed some time in a village I never heard of before. That is life, you take your intellectual lugage with you (Values and principles) and then start to act in accordance to that vague goal and these values). See what happens. We cannot predict the future, the future is changing while we travel on the road to that future. It is one of the failures of the leftist movement that beforehand made a detailed picture of the future. But when you read Marx, Engels, Lenin or Mao you find hardly anything about the future, some vague ideas but no details at all. I also give some vague ideas, common citizens should acquire more personal power by learning how to get power through actions. Common citizens should control, veto and when necessary punish (using their power) thge assigned decision-takers. Also vague. But the goal is clear, undermining the power of the 1% by preventing that they can use the money they collect by their power. Values and principles we have but they will change over time – when we decide now what that exactly means we petrify. One of the reasons the comminist movement went down was because the values and principles written down in many books and articles did not confirm the real state of the world. The ten commandments were an effort to determine once and for all human values and principles. But you see the result, though shall not kill, but wars are plenty and still ten million kids are die each year before they are five years old because we want to have food first – and what happens to the kids is unimportant. By having good relations with leaders of countries where these kids are dying you could make a court case in which we are judged for the support of killers. Values and principles are neglected and change over time. A vague goal and ideas how to reach that goal (the road to the future) is enough for a movement.

      • Bruce Eggum says:

        ” A vague goal and ideas how to reach that goal (the road to the future) is enough for a movement.” This gives me hope as “social networks” mature. People are deliberating direct democracy, Participatory Democracy. Thanks for your comment. [sorry I did not see it before]

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