We should start pressuring the 1%

The 1% take decisions that lead to war, hunger, poverty, misery or subordination of the 99% and not their puppets, the politicians. Why care about what politicians do? By putting pressure on politicians you don’t get another society, at the most you alleviate some of the present hardships. But most discussions on Occupy-related sites and most actions are about politics, not about the 1%. In prison the outside world disappears. You only can try to make life within the walls as agreeable as possible. The most important people are the warden and the owners of the prison.
We also live in a kind of prison and are not allowed to go outside the walls that surrounds us. You can try to make this walled world as agreeable as possible but we cannot reach the beautiful world further away where all people have a better life because they are considered having the same status and not because some are better by having more money. 

Politicians are the wardens of our society, they are like lightening-rods that canalise the dissatisfaction of the 99% so the 1% are not disturbed. You may be satisfied with your present life but suddenly it can change. Sackings, foreclosures, poverty, millions in prison and much more misery can make life unliveable.

Just like wardens in prisons politicians can merely make slight changes in our world. Only the top-directors, the 1%, can allow prisoners to live outside the walls. To get a different, nicer and freer world we should stop talking about politics. We should pressure the people with the greatest power, force the 1% to surrender their power and money, break the walls down that imprison us.   

Outside the prison there are beautiful places and beyond the frontiers of our present world it is even more beautiful. The 1% prevent that we go over there, so we must destroy the walls that keeps us prisoner and prevent that the 1% ever again can build walls around our world. We must direct all our arrows on the 1%, paying attention to politicians solves nothing. 

The enthusiasm at the start of Occupy was based on the hope to get a Humane World by putting pressure on the financial powers, the 1%. That goal has been abandoned. All attention is directed on the political world. By fighting secondary powers and not the highest power we never get real change. Lets start putting pressure on the 1%.

Joost van Steenis 

See also my blog article: https://downwithelite.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/we-need-a-new-kind-of-actions/


About Joost van Steenis

My latest book "How to make Revolution, developing the Fourth People's Power", can be downloaded for free from my site http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis. It contains new ideas how to take the money and power away from the most powerful people, the elite. It strives to get a new society in which not money is the pivotal point of all discussions but the idea that all people have the same status. New action means are introduced to reach this paradigm shift (a revolution) that concentrate on direct actions in the living sphere of the elite.
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