28. Nobody attacks the power and the money of the 1%, there are only fights between the 99%.

The Western (and richest) part of the 1% controls the world and there are no actions against them. Their rule is not beneficial for the 99% but nobody prevents them to rule. Not only increases the income of the 1% enormously but also too many 99% are arrested, tortured and even killed – not only in wars but also in refugee camps or by lack of food.
The 1% who cause this misery are untouched and continue to live extravagantly on an income level common citizens never can reach.

This power and money difference between the 1% and the 99% exists already for many centuries. The 99% are killed and the 1% remain untouched. During the Vietnam War in the seventies there were no actions from the Vietnamese to attack the war-making 1% in Western countries. In the many wars that occurred after the Vietnamese war again millions of common citizens were killed. And again the attackers remained untouched.

The wars in the Arab World bring some change. Some fighters become active in Western countries but again only 99% are damaged in their actions and the 1% remain unhurt. And only the 1% cause the economic inequality that is the basic reason for all wars. Undisturbed the 1% continue what they have been doing for many centuries, ruling, amassing power, collecting money and living in a special extravagantly equiped furnished world where the 99% can only enter as serrvants.

That should change!
We should only attack the 1%!

Download freely chapter 11 “People should stand central, also in actions. Not what is wrong but who is wrong” via http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis/Revolution11.htm.
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About Joost van Steenis

My latest book "How to make Revolution, developing the Fourth People's Power", can be downloaded for free from my site http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis. It contains new ideas how to take the money and power away from the most powerful people, the elite. It strives to get a new society in which not money is the pivotal point of all discussions but the idea that all people have the same status. New action means are introduced to reach this paradigm shift (a revolution) that concentrate on direct actions in the living sphere of the elite.
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