34. Corruption is misuse of power for the own benefit. The 1% earn a lot in this way.

Why have billionaires a wealth that is ten thousand or hundred thousand times more than the wealth of common citizens?
Because they misuse their power for their own benefit, they are corrupt.

Wages of common citizens have hardly improved in the last twenty, thirty years but the wages in the top of society have risen sharply. The number of billionairs doubled during the crisis. Why? Because of misuse of power for the own benefit, because of legalised corruption.

Why can the top of society (and especially the 1%) use money of commercial and public organisations for their private benefit? They call it expenses but they misuse their power to give themselves an extra benefit. Again legalised corruption.

The 1% and their political servants make laws that are favourable for them to get much more money than common citizens ever can get. They have legalised corruption to make their thefts accepted.

White washing of money from criminal activities is another side of corrupt behaviour. Not by criminals but by highly praised bankers and other financial experts. The production of drugs is in Afghanistan openly allowed and elsewhere hardly taken on. The profits from drugs are streaming to Western financial institutions controlled by the 1%.

Hardly anyone is prosecuted or judged because of misuse of power, because of corruption. The misuse of power remains unpunished for the small group at the top of society. The 1% make the laws that make their criminal behaviour accepted as normal and thus not criminal.

Corruption is one of the reasons that activists should use their energy to put pressure on the 1%. The top gets money on inhuman ways. It is one of the most important reasons that a great part of our world is miserable. Still more than a billion people do not know if they have the next day enough food to survive. Nearly ten million kids are still dying each year before they are five years old.

Without a decisive attack on the 1% the miserable existence of these common citizens continues. The extravagant life of the 1% and their servants increases even.
We have to attack the 1%.

Download freely chapter 19 “Corruption money streams from the 99% to the 1%. Coprruption is a focus point for attacking the power of the 1%.” via http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis/Revolution19.htm.
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Joost van Steenis

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My latest book "How to make Revolution, developing the Fourth People's Power", can be downloaded for free from my site http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis. It contains new ideas how to take the money and power away from the most powerful people, the elite. It strives to get a new society in which not money is the pivotal point of all discussions but the idea that all people have the same status. New action means are introduced to reach this paradigm shift (a revolution) that concentrate on direct actions in the living sphere of the elite.
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