38. A practical example how to disturb creatively the life of people by cyberharassment.

It occurred between two neighbours but it should be used to creatively disturb the life of of the 1% who constantly disturb the freedom, privacy and well-being of the 99%.

The first alleged act occurred on March 18, 2008, when Colton posted from his computer an advertisement that appeared on the Internet site “Craigslist.” The advertisement provided the Lyonses’ home telephone number and address and stated that there were free golf carts available at this location on a “first come, first serve” basis. The Lyonses did not own any golf carts and had never used Craigslist. When Bernadette arrived home at 2:30 P.M. that same day, there were strangers in both her driveway and on the street near her home. These individuals informed her about the advertisement and explained that they were looking for golf carts. In total, about thirty to forty people arrived at the Lyonses’ house that afternoon, causing Bernadette to be “scared” and “fearful.” When Jim arrived home later that evening, he telephoned the police, as Bernadette was in a state of “uneasiness” and Jim felt the incident was “really unusual” and “bizarre.” Andover police Sergeant Chad Cooper responded and advised Jim to contact Craigslist to remove the advertisement and get the Internet protocol address for the computer that posted it. In Sergeant Cooper’s presence, Jim received numerous telephone calls from people inquiring about the golf carts. When William learned that the Craigslist advertisement had been removed, he asked Colton to “put it back up” and Colton complied. After reposting, Colton testified that he and William “laughed” about it and Colton said that he would post another advertisement.

The second alleged act occurred on March 19, when Colton posted a different Craigslist advertisement, selling “my late son’s” motorcycle and directing interested parties to call Jim on his cellular telephone after 10 P.M.[5] Colton then told William about the posting. That night, Jim received “non-stop” telephone calls regarding the advertisement, approximately twenty every ten minutes. Sergeant Cooper responded again. These late night calls continued for months after the posting.

The third alleged act occurred one week later on March 26, when Colton sent an electronic mail message (e-mail) to the Lyonses from a fictitious account. The subject of the e-mail read, “It’s just a game for me,” and the text stated, “Let The Games Begin!” The e-mail contained Jim and Bernadette’s personal identifying information, including names, home telephone number and address, social security numbers, e-mail address, bank name and location, and Jim’s date of birth and cellular telephone number. At the bottom, the e-mail stated:

“Remember, if you aren’t miserable, I aint happy! Let’s Play.” Colton testified that Gail had sent him an e-mail with the Lyonses’ personal information.

The following evening, William arrived at Colton’s home and told Colton that he wanted to call and “turn [Jim] in.” William had a piece of paper with a hotline telephone number written on it and proceeded to use Colton’s home telephone to call the Department of Children & Families (DCF) to file a false report alleging child abuse by Jim. William later telephoned Colton to report that a police cruiser and another vehicle were at the Lyonses’ home.[6]

Investigator Carrie Riley of the DCF testified that an after-hours “child abuse hotline” had received a call from someone using fictitious information and reporting that Jim was physically abusing his son. Riley and another investigator arrived at the Lyonses’ home at 10:30 P.M. and said they had to examine their son. Jim testified that he and Bernadette were “panicked” and “frightened,” but that, acting on the advice of their attorney, he awakened their son and permitted Riley to inspect him. Riley examined his body for marks and bruises. The DCF case was closed as the son denied any abuse and the investigators found no signs of it.

The fourth alleged act occurred on April 3, 2008, when Colton sent another anonymous e-mail to the Lyonses from another fictitious e-mail account. The subject line was “Brian,” and the text read, “What have you done James? . . . or . . . Why James? You stole the innocence of a young man.” Shortly thereafter, Jim received a letter by postal mail purportedly sent from an individual named “Brian.” Brian claimed to have worked for Jim when he was fifteen years of age, accused Jim of sexually molesting him as a teenager, and threatened to press charges against him. Colton testified that William told Colton that he had sent the letter.[7] Even though the allegations were false, reading the letter was “very tough” and “absolutely alarmed [Jim].”

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Look also at http://www.mass.gov/eopss/docs/mptc/criminal-harrassment.pdf

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