43. The 1% take decisions in silence. Therefore they are hardly attacked.

The opposition on the street against the Greek decision is directed at political servants of the 1%. The 1%, the deciding power, are not attacked and strengthens their grip on society. One of the decisions is the privatisation of Greek harbours and industry. Political servants don’t have the money to buy, only the 1% can do that. But there is no reaction at all from the 99% against the persons who have the money to buy the Greek assets.
The servants of the 1% in the top of the private, public and political sectors do not take the most important decisions. That is silently done by the 1% during holidays and anniversaries, in unknown commissions and elsewhere where there is no action of the 99%. All opposition is concentrated on the servants and never on the real leaders. The servants only apply the ideas of the 1% and restrict even more the life of the 99%.

In the last fifty years the gains of multinationals and the income from stocks have risen sharply. Why? Because the top of the 1% want to have more money. In these decisions not only the well-known Rothschilts, Rockefellers or Duponts are involved but also many unknown members of the 1% take part. They propagate actively the idea that the 1% should get more money. How this money is gotten is decided by their servants. The 1% advance their ideas but they act in silence to avoid any attention of the 99%. All ideas are concentrated on one dominating idea, “we want more money (and thus more power)”.

The unknown people are never attacked, they can advance their greedy and selfish ideas in silence and the servants realise these ideas. The interests of the 99% are not important. The servants listen in the first place to the wishes and the information from 1%-members. Ideas of common citizens do not reach decision-taking circles.

This is the most important reason why in many factories in Third World countries people hardly can live from their wages. Why there is hardly any income when workers have no work. Why working conditions are inhuman. This situation hardly changes when the power of the 1% continuous to exist.
Therefore the 99% should attack the unknown people in the centre of power. These people in backrooms decide and rule. They order their representatives to care for it that still more money streams to the most privileged group, the 1%. The 1500 billionaires and their family are the first targets but nothing is done against them.

Download freely chapter 18 “The pyramid of power and money. Power and money for the 1%, the 99% subordinate and considered inferior.” via http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis/Revolution18.htm.
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My latest book "How to make Revolution, developing the Fourth People's Power", can be downloaded for free from my site http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis. It contains new ideas how to take the money and power away from the most powerful people, the elite. It strives to get a new society in which not money is the pivotal point of all discussions but the idea that all people have the same status. New action means are introduced to reach this paradigm shift (a revolution) that concentrate on direct actions in the living sphere of the elite.
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