65. Action groups should be decentralised. We do not need leaders, we only need ourselves.

We need a world without a 1%.
In the struggle for this better world we must use new organisational methods. All groups have now leaders and followers. That copies the organisation of the present society with on top the extravagant rich 1% who ruled in the past and will rule in the future when we do not do the right things.
We should use Autonomous Clubs, small organisations without leaders.

We are the 99%, we are small but we are with many and can have many small actions against the 1%. A long series of small victories disturb the life of the 1% much more than a few big demonstrations. Big actions hurt mostly the 99% while the 1% are hardly disturbed. We need actions against which the 1% cannot defend themselves. Then they give up their place on top of society.

Most actions take place in the centres of towns (where the 1% do not live) in front of buildings that are used to control the 99%. There are hardly actions against the 1%. Actions only ask leaders for some improvement and do not touch the excessive money that rules our world. Most actions are planned by people who often become later important in organisations that serve in the first place the interest of the 1%.

In big centralised organisations a few people decide which action is right. That happens also in the present society. Top-people decide and members only follow. We strive for a new and better society in which the 99% decide and not a small rich group at the top. That we should have learned from past revolutions after which a new 1% arose and society became more and more like the present societies that are ruled by a 1%.

We need many independent small groups that are only guided by the vague idea that the 1% is the most important target and that damage to the 99% must be minimal. How, when and against whom groups act is the responsibility of the members of these Autonomous Clubs.

Decentralised organisations are stronger than centralised ones because leaders are vulnerable. The sitting powers know what to do against the present action organisations, by pressuring leaders they control them. Trade Unions have proven that the idea that millions of 99% are powerful is wrong, the incomes and wealth of the 1% has risen much faster than the incomes and wealth of the 99%.

Autonomous Clubs without leaders, the new revolutionary power of the 99%, promise a new kind of society that is not anymore ruled by a 1% because the 99% have learned how to decide themselves.

Download freely chapter 4. “Autonomous Clubs. The independent Fourth People’s Power to make and safeguard the revolution. Via  http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis/Revolution4.htm.
Or download freely and read my latest book how to attack the 1% “How to make Revolution, developing the Fourth People’s Power” via http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis/Revolution.pdf


About Joost van Steenis

My latest book "How to make Revolution, developing the Fourth People's Power", can be downloaded for free from my site http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis. It contains new ideas how to take the money and power away from the most powerful people, the elite. It strives to get a new society in which not money is the pivotal point of all discussions but the idea that all people have the same status. New action means are introduced to reach this paradigm shift (a revolution) that concentrate on direct actions in the living sphere of the elite.
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