Mov. 14. The Yellow Vests want change. But they only fight the police, not the 1% at the top of society.

I enjoy the active people in the leaderless movement of Yellow Vests. Hundreds of thousands 99% to wear yellow vests to talk with other yellow vests how the control what top-people do. They realise that life is restricted by the 1%. Rich people become richer while the life of the 99% becomes worse.

I applaud this initiative of many common citizens. Leftist and rightist people are together in big demonstrations. The movement is leaderless and there are demonstrations in many towns. But demonstrations often end in fights with the police. Then hundreds or even thousands of common citizens are wounded and arrested. Only the 99%, including lower- police officers, are damaged, the 1% remain undisturbed. These 1% and their servants on high-paid positions in banks, industry or politics take greedy decisions that in first place favour themselves. But they remain untouched.

Action targets are wrong. The first demonstrations were against rising petrol prices and now president Macron should step down. But there are no actions in his private life while his decisions influence the private life of the 99%. Also other leading people who take wrong decisions are not pressured. Demonstrations may give small successes but high-paid top-people continue to take wrong decisions. They order lower police-officers to use violence against demonstrating people..

To get real success we must pressure ruling top-people and especially the 1%. With the present kind of actions positive results remain meagre, the super-rich 1% continue to get more money and power and the 99% continue to be damaged by the police who are ordered by people who are not pressured at all by mass-actions.

The same politicians continue to take wrong decisions, inspired by what the 1% want. Macron, the president of France, will not go away because of demonstrations. To remove top-people from their lucrative posts we need a great number of small actions that disturb their private life by small actions of many different common citizens. Therefore movements must be leaderless. The 99% have to decide themselves how to be active. Only then our private life will be less disturbed. When untouchable top-people are pressured we get a better world that is not ruled by people who hardly know the life of common citizens. Anyhow I like the Yellow Vests. It is a first step towards a real successful fight between the 99% and the 1%.

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