Mov. 32. The 99% should target wrong decision-takers and not concentrate on wrong decisions.

People who take important decisions belong to the 1%. When they take wrong decisions they are not personally punished but sometimes their organisation pays a fine. The biggest Dutch Bank, the ING-bank, got a fine of about a billion euro because the bank whitewashed black money from illegal origin. ING-leaders had taken important wrong decisions but only the ING-organisation was fined and the high-placed (and high-paid) wrong decision-takers could continue to take other wrong decisions. When lower-placed people whitewash criminal money they are arrested and imprisoned.

The 1% rule about a lot of money but when they make criminal mistakes they are hardly ever imprisoned. People who do not belong to the 1% are often arrested and imprisoned when they use criminal methods to earn money.
The 99% only protest against wrong decisions but hardly ever attack wrong decision-takers. Therefore actions are mostly without any success, wrong decision-takers continue to take wrong decisions that in first place benefit the 1%. We need actions that do not target wrong decisions but wrong decision-takers. We should hinder them so long till they leave their high and lucrative posts where they take selfish decisions. For a better world we should start to end the rule of the very privileged and extravagant living 1%.

To take the money and the power away from the 1% the target of actions of the 99% should not to change wrong decisions but to pressure and remove wrong decision-takers. Society will not change when the 1% are permitted to continue to take decisions that are often negative for common citizens and beneficial for top-people society. Then the 99% remain down under in the pyramidal society in which the 1% rules. The 99% allow now that the same wrong decision-takers are undisturbed and can continue to take wrong and selfish decisions.

Top-people are very selfish. In the last fifty years the incomes of top-CEO’s increased from about twenty times the wages of workers till now to about three hundred and fifty times the wages of the average worker. Obviously actions of the 99% have not been very successful. We should. directly attack selfish top-people who take egoistic decisions.

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