Mov. 33. Mass actions have hardly any success, we should use many small actions to undermine wrong decision-takers.

I participated in quite a few mass actions and also in many small activities. Mass actions had always very meagre positive results. Wrong decisions were hardly changed and wrong decision-takers remained on their high posts. It shows that top-people hardly listen to what the 99% are saying, they are not interested in what common citizens want. Small actions promised more positive results.

Most activity to get a better life are still mass actions organised by action-leaders. Why do we not decide ourselves what we can and will do. Humans should decide themselves. When we carry out our own actions we become inspired to pressure top-people who do not improve our life. Mass actions are directed against one wrong decision. But the wrong decision-takers continue to take decisions that favour in first place the already privileged people. For real success we need small leaderless groups, Autonomous Clubs, that pressure wrong decision-takers. We do not need leaders, they make us dependent, small actions force us to decide ourselves what we should do, Then we become all leaders.

Mass actions are like wars. Scores of soldiers, all belonging to the 99%, are being killed while higher-placed leaders are not disturbed by the killing bullets. Our society is built on two ideas. The 99% have to work hard, may suffer and even die while the 1% must lead and profit from what the 99% do. We need a different kind of actions to get an honourable society in which the interest of the 1% does not dominate. The 99% must decide themselves. In our political activities we need the own initiative of the 99%. We do not need leaders, we need small action groups that carry out many small actions that increase the pressure on the 1% while the 99% undisturbed continue their own life.

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