98. Why all these fights with fascists. Do you really think that changes anything? Attack the 1%!

Trump became president and suddenly fascists became much more active. I do not directly disagree with fights between fascists and anti-fascists but it does not help anything.
It are fights between two parts of the 99% and people who cause the split in the 99% are not disturbed at all. The 99% should use all their energy to attack the 1% who cause most misery in the world. Continue reading

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97. Actions are not very successful. They often damage the 99%. People over 30 years hardly take part in actions.

We need a new kind of actions. Successes are rare, damage to the 99% too big, disturbing the life of the 1% hardly present.
What is the result of actions against Trump? Does anyone think that Trump stops being president because of actions? That does not happen. The disruptJ20 actions made some people active but soon they saw that actions again did not have any success. Then they stop being activist and try to make the best of their life without bothering what happens. Continue reading

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96. Is there much opposition against Trump? Not much more as against Obama. All presidents promote in first place the interests of the 1%.

Obama and now Trump. Wars, greed (of the 1%), racism and many more awful things continued under Obama and will continue under Trump. A big difference is that Obama is a servant of the 1% while Trump is a 1% and thus more independent. The 1% continue to rule in favour of their greed and selfishness. That is not good for the 99%. We should attack the 1%, not only Trump but all 1%. Continue reading

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95. They have billions, we are millions. But strikes are not the right weapons, they are hardly successful.

They have billions, we are millions, the slogan of a recent strike in France. The 1% have billions they can invest and pay their workers but use it mostly to increase their own comfort and wealth. The 99% are millions, in the whole world even billions, but strikes do not help them much. Continue reading

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94. Why are the 1% never attacked in actions? Now the only people who are damaged in actions are we, the 99%.

During sixty years I took part, saw and read about thousands of actions.
Not many people over thirty are still activist because of two points:
In the first place actions did not have much success.
In the second place nearly always only the 99% was damaged.
That must change. Continue reading

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I wish everybody a splendid 2017!

I hope actions will change from attacking buildings and police from attacking the people who give the orders to control us. The 1% should be attacked!
Download freely my latest book “How to make Revolution. Developing the Fourth People’s Power”, http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis/Revolution.pdf  about pressuring the 1% to get a better world without a 1%.
Or read my articles on Facebook Group ”Occupy the 1%”.

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93. Money rules the world. In our actions we should undermine the use of money by the selfish 1%.

A few thousand billionaires rule over nearly all money streams in the world, especially over the stream of money from the 99% to the 1%. The idea that money rules is not vague. Everything is judged on the money factor, the life of common people is not important in decisions. Continue reading

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92. The second world of the 99% has no influence at all in the first world of the 1% while the 1% rule the second world.

The 99% need one world without a 1%.
There is a first, richest world for the 1% and a second world for the 99%. The two worlds hardly have contact with each other. The 1% give their orders to their servants who translate these orders towards the 99%. At the same time money streams from the second to the first world. Continue reading

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91. Most political actions of the 99% are wrong. The position of the 99% has not changed much since the French Revolution.

During the French Revolution the 99% tried to change the world ruled by more or less dictatorial people who had too much money and power. But 200 years later, the present 1% are much richer and more powerful than the elite before the French Revolution.
In most actions only the 99% were damaged and sometimes even died and the 1% became more powerful and wealthy. The actions of the 99% in the last 200 years were not efficient. We are still secondary people in a world dominated by a greedy, cruel, very powerful and very rich 1%. Continue reading

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90. We should change our action methods. Not fighting with the police but intruding the safe world of the 1%.

All actions and fights of the 99% take place in the world where the 99% live. All damages as arrests, imprisonments, wounds and even deaths only hurt the 99%. The greedy 1% continue to live undisturbed and extravagantly in their first world.
That should change! We should get one world for all people by starting to pressure the 1% (and their servants). Continue reading

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