Mov. 24. Threats are punishable. For our safety we should only intensively disturb the life of wrong decision-takers.

Two Dutch entrepreneurs stopped to participate in the building of new windmills producing electricity when they were threatened by common citizens. By taking part in the construction of the mills they preferred earning money over the increasing resistance of 99% against the dubious use of windmills to save the deteriorating climate. Not only the noise of the mills disturbs people who live nearby but also many thousands of small insects and birds are killed by the huge revolving blades. And the mills only produce energy when the wind is blowing.  Continue reading

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Mov. 23. The safety of activists is as important as the positive result of an action. We need another kind of actions.

Actions need positive results to increase pressure on people who take wrong and selfish decisions. But most actions are not directed against decision-takers but ask another kind of decisions. Why should decision-takers change their decisions when a hundred, a thousand or even a million common citizens want decisions more favourable for the 99%? Continue reading

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Mov. 22. All political actions only damage the 99% and do not influence the decision-takers, the 1%.

Someone killed about 50 common citizens in New Zealand, in another attack three people were killed in The Netherlands. The victims all belonged to the 99% and of course there was no change. The same decision-takers continue to take decisions that primarily benefit already privileged people. Political actions should be directed at the 1% and not at the 99%. Continue reading

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Mov. 21. The 1% are much less than 1% – and thus easier to pressure.

The 1% are powerful, they are the only people who can take selfish decisions. They are independent because they have a lot of money. They are never attacked, never pressured. Only the 1% have so much money they can use when they want to use it. Nobody seems to resist this power. The 1% rule the money infested world, everybody else has to obey them. But they are not 1% but only 0.001 % of the world population. Continue reading

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Mov. 20. Democracy is voting once in every four years. It is better to have each day the possibility to be active.

I never vote. I do not trust the people who are elected, they have too high incomes, they negatively influence the life of the 99% and they accept anything that the 1% and their high-placed and high-paid servants do. The 1% have the power to take decisions that primarily are beneficial for themselves. They are egoistic and continue to increase their great surplus of money and power. The prime argument in their decisions is not how people can live but how more money streams to them. They hardly talk to people who belong to the 99% who have not much money. They only talk with people who also have money. Continue reading

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Mov. 19. Violence may be used in actions but only when it does not damage the 99% and increases pressure on the 1%.

I am not against the use of violence in actions. I have only one condition: violence should not hurt the 99% but only the 1%. That is not the case in the Yellow Vests demonstrations.
I applaud the activity of hundreds of thousands French people in this leaderless movement. Each Saturday they demonstrate that they are very dissatisfied by the egoistic decisions that are taken – more money for the top and less money for most people who live at the bottom of society. Continue reading

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Mov. 18. Democracy? Have the 99% anything to say about what high-up leaders decide?

Every Saturday many tens of thousands of dissatisfied common citizens demonstrate in the French streets. The Yellow Vests first demanded less taxes on petrol and now that president Macron retires. In massive demonstrations they oppose wrong decisions but nobody is listening. Leaders who seemed nice before the elections now even order the police and the army to use a lot of violence to prevent that people use their democratic rights to demonstrate. Top-people hardly know what the 99% want, their decisions only agree with their own (expensive) wishes. Just wonder why the police is not used to stop corruption, white-washing of criminal money, evading taxes and the more serious drugs crimes in which the 1% and their servants in the financial sector are involved. Continue reading

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Mov. 17. The climate will not improve much. Decisions do not influence that too many people use too many products.

All the costs of climate-decisions have to be paid by common citizens. The rich may continue to buy exclusive articles and continue to destroy the climate. They also continue to get too high profits for most articles. Apple has a net gain of about 20 percent and the top of Apple uses a lot of money for their own exclusive life – paid by Apple. Continue reading

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Mov. 16. Most decisions to save the climate are negative for the 99%. The 1% is not touched at all.

Nobody should spend more than 200.000 euro in one year.
With this slogan climate-saving actions will only hurt the super-rich 1% and not the 99%. Practical actions based on this idea will improve the climate. We should for example stop building private pleasure boats that cost a hundred million euro. The production of luxury firms as LVMH should intensively be reduced. Nobody should be allowed to have five cars, ten houses, sleep in hotels that ask more than a thousand a day etc. All high expenses of the super-rich could become action points. Continue reading

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Mov. 15. Great ideas result in more successful actions.

Small ideas result in small actions and only attract a few people
Small actions may have small successes but the same people who took wrong decisions continue to be on top to take more wrong decisions and the 1% get still more money and thus also more power. In small actions only the 99% are damaged and top-people are hardly pressured. Continue reading

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