92. The second world of the 99% has no influence at all in the first world of the 1% while the 1% rule the second world.

The 99% need one world without a 1%.
There is a first, richest world for the 1% and a second world for the 99%. The two worlds hardly have contact with each other. The 1% give their orders to their servants who translate these orders towards the 99%. At the same time money streams from the second to the first world. Continue reading

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91. Most political actions of the 99% are wrong. The position of the 99% has not changed much since the French Revolution.

During the French Revolution the 99% tried to change the world ruled by more or less dictatorial people who had too much money and power. But 200 years later, the present 1% are much richer and more powerful than the elite before the French Revolution.
In most actions only the 99% were damaged and sometimes even died and the 1% became more powerful and wealthy. The actions of the 99% in the last 200 years were not efficient. We are still secondary people in a world dominated by a greedy, cruel, very powerful and very rich 1%. Continue reading

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90. We should change our action methods. Not fighting with the police but intruding the safe world of the 1%.

All actions and fights of the 99% take place in the world where the 99% live. All damages as arrests, imprisonments, wounds and even deaths only hurt the 99%. The greedy 1% continue to live undisturbed and extravagantly in their first world.
That should change! We should get one world for all people by starting to pressure the 1% (and their servants). Continue reading

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89. The “Movement against the 1%” should not use guns. In general guns kill the 99% and the 1% continue to live.

The war in Syria has cost already 500.000 deaths, all belonging to the 99%. The war continues also because there are no actions against the producers or the financial experts who make more and more weapons. They are the cause that many 99% are killed by guns. Weapons, factories and banks are dead entities, they cannot be guilty. The users, producers and financial experts are guilty. The 1% earn a lot from selling weapons. They live extravagantly on the profits of weapons that only kill common citizens. The few people who profit from this killing industry have never been attacked. Continue reading

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88. The “Movement against the 1%” replaces the dominant role of money by the idea that all people have the same status.

All people should have the possibility to exercise power when needed but that cannot be achieved in the existing society. The power of the 99% is now controlled by the 1%. Sometimes the 99% take part in mass actions as demonstrations but the dominant organisers of these actions only demand some improvement in the life of 99%. They do not attack the difference in power and money between the 1% (and their servants) and the 99% who are at the bottom of the money and power pyramid. Continue reading

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87. The Movement against the 1% changes society by giving the 99% the same status as the 1%.

In democracies as well as in dictatorships the top decides and the 99% have to obey. New systems sometimes promise a glorious future but the result is always a new leading group on top of society, a new 1% with a much better life than the 99%. For real change we should attack directly the 1% and their political, industrial and financial servants. Continue reading

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86. The Movement against the 1% should pressure leading people (the 1%) who destroy our world.

People decide and not systems.
In all present political systems common people have to pay and the money streams from the 99% to the top. This pyramidal system was not changed after past revolutions. Then again the 99% had to obey and were still ruled by a seemingly unassailable 1% with an exceedingly higher status and a better life. We need new original ideas to give all people the same status. Continue reading

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85. The Movement against the 1% should not be disturbed by left-right contradictions. All actions should directed at the 1%.

I want another kind of society without a 1% in which all people have the same status. Now most activity tries to improve society a little bit with actions around poverty, wages, corruption, wars and many more terrible and unequal things. I do not want to improve our society but to change it by actions against the 1% who causes most damage to the 99%. Continue reading

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84. The “Black Lives Matter Movement”. The results are meagre, the movement should get new action ideas.

Each year many black Americans are killed. The Movement “Black Lives Matter” has only meagre results. The secondary position of blacks in the USA (and elsewhere) continues. After a killing demonstrations are organised that lead to fights with the police and more blacks are imprisoned, wounded or even killed. These actions are dubious, they are restricted to fights between different parts of the 99% as the police. Hardly anyone listens. The 1% and their servants who cause most damage to the 99% are not pressured and influenced at all. Continue reading

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83. For change movements need moves. The Movement against the 1% only should move against the 1%.

During past movements too many 99% were imprisoned, hurt and even killed while the people who took disputed decisions were not directly influenced by any pressure. The 1% have even never been the target of any movement. When the demands of the 99% are not fulfilled movements soon die away. A central point in all movements should be that the 99% must hardly be hurt by actions and that all pressure is only directed on decision-takers. Continue reading

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