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113. In the USA there are many actions against the alt-right, right-wing people but none against their leaders.

Fights with rightist people have hardly any positive results. Such fights care for it that activists have less time to attack the prime target, the 1%, who dominate our life by their great power based on their great surplus of … Continue reading

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110. We should only attack the 1%, the super-rich decision-takers who dominate society. All past political actions only damaged people who belong to the 99%.

All decisions, from the far past up till the present, are taken by powerful (and very rich) decision-takers. The 99% have hardly any influence. The consequences of these decisions can be very bad but only hurt the 99%. It is … Continue reading

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104. The actions against the G20 in Hamburg were not very positive. Wars continue, inequality increases and wide-spread poverty is not wiped out.

Hundreds of thousands of common citizens participated in Germany in actions against the G20. They were enthusiastic because so many people had become active. But there were hardly any positive results. And many activists but also many police-officers, all belonging … Continue reading

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91. Most political actions of the 99% are wrong. The position of the 99% has not changed much since the French Revolution.

During the French Revolution the 99% tried to change the world ruled by more or less dictatorial people who had too much money and power. But 200 years later, the present 1% are much richer and more powerful than the … Continue reading

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90. We should change our action methods. Not fighting with the police but intruding the safe world of the 1%.

All actions and fights of the 99% take place in the world where the 99% live. All damages as arrests, imprisonments, wounds and even deaths only hurt the 99%. The greedy 1% continue to live undisturbed and extravagantly in their … Continue reading

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