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Mov. 26. Mass actions have hardly any positive results. Wrong decisions do not change, wrong decision-takers remain on top.

Mass actions are inspiring but only the 99% are damaged. People on top of society who take wrong and selfish decisions are not directly pressured. That should change. We should start to use many small and hardly punishable actions that … Continue reading

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Mov. 25. The 1% are independent because they have a lot of money. They control if decisions in first place benefit themselves.

Most political actions try to get better decisions and not to remove wrong decision-takers. Action groups only ask the lowest decision-takers (the politicians) to take decisions that are more favourable for the 99%. Top-people who control that decisions are in … Continue reading

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Mov. 19. Violence may be used in actions but only when it does not damage the 99% and increases pressure on the 1%.

I am not against the use of violence in actions. I have only one condition: violence should not hurt the 99% but only the 1%. That is not the case in the Yellow Vests demonstrations. I applaud the activity of … Continue reading

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Mov. 12. Happy New Year to all 99%!

I wish that in 2019 many common citizens become active in the struggle to take the money and power away from the 1%. Only without a 1% the 99% become equal people who have influence on any decision that is … Continue reading

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Mov8. Small actions are necessary. Such actions only disturb the expensive life of the 1% and do not hurt the 99%.

The Golden Rule for Actions states that actions should increase pressure on the 1%. Therefore we need many small hardly punishable actions that intrude in the private life of top-people. Past and present actions mostly do not agree with the … Continue reading

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106. We need great ideas. Most actions attack small problems with small ideas. Even when there is success the world does not change.

Great ideas. We need great ideas to get a better and more humane world. Great ideas need great targets. We do not want to change a few small things in the present dubious world but open possibilities to a new … Continue reading

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105. The contradiction between leftists and rightists cannot be solved in the present society that is dominated by inequality.

The 1% dominate our society. The richest people have most power and control most decisions. They are hardly ever attacked, leftists as well as rightists only attack people who belong to the 99%. The contradiction between left and right prevents … Continue reading

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104. The actions against the G20 in Hamburg were not very positive. Wars continue, inequality increases and wide-spread poverty is not wiped out.

Hundreds of thousands of common citizens participated in Germany in actions against the G20. They were enthusiastic because so many people had become active. But there were hardly any positive results. And many activists but also many police-officers, all belonging … Continue reading

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101. A long series of small actions break down the power of the mighty 1% that is based on the possession of too much money.

There are a few very powerful people in our world. They are fairly unknown and take their decisions in silence. They have much too much money and talk nearly only with people who also have too much money. They are … Continue reading

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90. We should change our action methods. Not fighting with the police but intruding the safe world of the 1%.

All actions and fights of the 99% take place in the world where the 99% live. All damages as arrests, imprisonments, wounds and even deaths only hurt the 99%. The greedy 1% continue to live undisturbed and extravagantly in their … Continue reading

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