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Mov. 29. With actions we want to change society. But why are the 1% never the target of any action?

The world is ruled by the 1%, by a few extremely rich people supported by well-paid and high-placed mercenaries. They control the 99% who have to follow their orders. All past efforts to get another society in which the 99% … Continue reading

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Mov. 25. The 1% are independent because they have a lot of money. They control if decisions in first place benefit themselves.

Most political actions try to get better decisions and not to remove wrong decision-takers. Action groups only ask the lowest decision-takers (the politicians) to take decisions that are more favourable for the 99%. Top-people who control that decisions are in … Continue reading

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Mov7. The 99% are controlled by the 1% who order many actions in the private life of the 99%. Why do the 99% not enter the private life of the 1%?

The private life of the 1% is never disturbed by actions. The 99% who oppose the selfish rule of top-people are often forced to obey what top-people have decided because of actions in their private life. The killings of anti-corruption … Continue reading

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Mov. 5. Movements are leaderless. Moving mass people decide themselves what to do. They do not obey a few high-placed leaders.

Movements are formed by free people. Moving people move in any direction. They may do anything they want. Individuals only carry out ideas and activities that fit in their private living situation. They use simple and effective actions. In the … Continue reading

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