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Mov. 30. Political actions should change, they are mostly without much success.

Most actions have hardly any positive result. Sometimes decisions taken by people who do not know anything about the 99% are somewhat changed. But when these decisions are put in practice improvements often just disappear. Decision-takers are selfish people who … Continue reading

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Mov. 14. The Yellow Vests want change. But they only fight the police, not the 1% at the top of society.

I enjoy the active people in the leaderless movement of Yellow Vests. Hundreds of thousands 99% to wear yellow vests to talk with other yellow vests how the control what top-people do. They realise that life is restricted by the … Continue reading

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Mov. 9. A few people who rule and use the system dominate the 99%. But I see no attacks on the greedy 1%.

Capitalism is wrong. But also in communism, socialism and in all other systems a few powerful and very rich people rule. They use the system primarily for their own welfare, the 99% remain secondary people. Some of them have a … Continue reading

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Mov.6. Actions of moving people should only disturb the life of the 1% and never damage the 99%.

When you are wounded you cannot move. Movement actions should only be directed against people on top of society who take wrong decisions. Active people and all 99% should remain undisturbed. But many actions result only in conflicts with the … Continue reading

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108. Political actions are wrong. They do not change the policy nor the activities of political leaders.

In the USA many actions take place against new oil pipelines. Activists demand that politicians take decisions to stop the construction. That will not happen, politicians agreed with the new pipelines in more or less secret meetings where the 99% … Continue reading

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102. Why should we fight with the police or with fascists, it changes nothing. We should attack the 1%.

Actions should have success. When there are no successes, many activists stop being active and action groups disappear. During my sixty years of experience in the action world many groups only existed a few years. The police control better and … Continue reading

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