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Mov. 31. Many small actions of many small and independent Autonomous Clubs curtail the power of the 1%.

We need small Autonomous Clubs. All past actions were wrong on at least two points. Only activists were damaged and action results were hardly ever positive. That happens with mass actions in which the 99% only ask to change wrong … Continue reading

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Mov. 26. Mass actions have hardly any positive results. Wrong decisions do not change, wrong decision-takers remain on top.

Mass actions are inspiring but only the 99% are damaged. People on top of society who take wrong and selfish decisions are not directly pressured. That should change. We should start to use many small and hardly punishable actions that … Continue reading

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Mov. 24. Threats are punishable. For our safety we should only intensively disturb the life of wrong decision-takers.

Two Dutch entrepreneurs stopped to participate in the building of new windmills producing electricity when they were threatened by common citizens. By taking part in the construction of the mills they preferred earning money over the increasing resistance of 99% … Continue reading

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111. Most political actions have hardly any success. We need big action targets and thus a new kind of actions.

Some actions have success because they have only small demands. When demands are bigger as stopping new pipelines, preventing that too many people are in prison, that too many blacks are getting long sentences, that the war in Afghanistan is … Continue reading

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