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Mov. 24. Threats are punishable. For our safety we should only intensively disturb the life of wrong decision-takers.

Two Dutch entrepreneurs stopped to participate in the building of new windmills producing electricity when they were threatened by common citizens. By taking part in the construction of the mills they preferred earning money over the increasing resistance of 99% … Continue reading

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Mov. 23. The safety of activists is as important as the positive result of an action. We need another kind of actions.

Actions need positive results to increase pressure on people who take wrong and selfish decisions. But most actions are not directed against decision-takers but ask another kind of decisions. Why should decision-takers change their decisions when a hundred, a thousand … Continue reading

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Mov. 15. Great ideas result in more successful actions.

Small ideas result in small actions and only attract a few people Small actions may have small successes but the same people who took wrong decisions continue to be on top to take more wrong decisions and the 1% get … Continue reading

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Mov. 13. What “we” may undertake is important, not what “they” do.

Most political articles are concerned with what they, the leaders of society, do. They react on what the top decides. That should change, the top should react on what we do and we should pressure the people at the top … Continue reading

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Mov7. The 99% are controlled by the 1% who order many actions in the private life of the 99%. Why do the 99% not enter the private life of the 1%?

The private life of the 1% is never disturbed by actions. The 99% who oppose the selfish rule of top-people are often forced to obey what top-people have decided because of actions in their private life. The killings of anti-corruption … Continue reading

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114. Political actions have hardly success, they only damage the 99% and do not pressure the 1%.

For more than sixty years I have experienced, participated in and organised quite a few popular street actions. People became active after an outcry over what leading people were doing. But actions were unsuccessful and only copied former actions that … Continue reading

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111. Most political actions have hardly any success. We need big action targets and thus a new kind of actions.

Some actions have success because they have only small demands. When demands are bigger as stopping new pipelines, preventing that too many people are in prison, that too many blacks are getting long sentences, that the war in Afghanistan is … Continue reading

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110. We should only attack the 1%, the super-rich decision-takers who dominate society. All past political actions only damaged people who belong to the 99%.

All decisions, from the far past up till the present, are taken by powerful (and very rich) decision-takers. The 99% have hardly any influence. The consequences of these decisions can be very bad but only hurt the 99%. It is … Continue reading

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108. Political actions are wrong. They do not change the policy nor the activities of political leaders.

In the USA many actions take place against new oil pipelines. Activists demand that politicians take decisions to stop the construction. That will not happen, politicians agreed with the new pipelines in more or less secret meetings where the 99% … Continue reading

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104. The actions against the G20 in Hamburg were not very positive. Wars continue, inequality increases and wide-spread poverty is not wiped out.

Hundreds of thousands of common citizens participated in Germany in actions against the G20. They were enthusiastic because so many people had become active. But there were hardly any positive results. And many activists but also many police-officers, all belonging … Continue reading

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