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Mov. 33. Mass actions have hardly any success, we should use many small actions to undermine wrong decision-takers.

I participated in quite a few mass actions and also in many small activities. Mass actions had always very meagre positive results. Wrong decisions were hardly changed and wrong decision-takers remained on their high posts. It shows that top-people hardly … Continue reading

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113. In the USA there are many actions against the alt-right, right-wing people but none against their leaders.

Fights with rightist people have hardly any positive results. Such fights care for it that activists have less time to attack the prime target, the 1%, who dominate our life by their great power based on their great surplus of … Continue reading

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106. We need great ideas. Most actions attack small problems with small ideas. Even when there is success the world does not change.

Great ideas. We need great ideas to get a better and more humane world. Great ideas need great targets. We do not want to change a few small things in the present dubious world but open possibilities to a new … Continue reading

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36. Cheap chemical weapons are forbidden, expensive deadly weapons are promoted.

It is of course repugnant that chemical weapons are used in wars. But that the Western community forced Syria to destroy its chemical weapons is ridiculous. Chemical weapons indeed killed a few thousand people in Syria but other weapons killed … Continue reading

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