85. The Movement against the 1% should not be disturbed by left-right contradictions. All actions should directed at the 1%.

I want another kind of society without a 1% in which all people have the same status. Now most activity tries to improve society a little bit with actions around poverty, wages, corruption, wars and many more terrible and unequal things. I do not want to improve our society but to change it by actions against the 1% who causes most damage to the 99%. Continue reading

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84. The “Black Lives Matter Movement”. The results are meagre, the movement should get new action ideas.

Each year many black Americans are killed. The Movement “Black Lives Matter” has only meagre results. The secondary position of blacks in the USA (and elsewhere) continues. After a killing demonstrations are organised that lead to fights with the police and more blacks are imprisoned, wounded or even killed. These actions are dubious, they are restricted to fights between different parts of the 99% as the police. Hardly anyone listens. The 1% and their servants who cause most damage to the 99% are not pressured and influenced at all. Continue reading

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83. For change movements need moves. The Movement against the 1% only should move against the 1%.

During past movements too many 99% were imprisoned, hurt and even killed while the people who took disputed decisions were not directly influenced by any pressure. The 1% have even never been the target of any movement. When the demands of the 99% are not fulfilled movements soon die away. A central point in all movements should be that the 99% must hardly be hurt by actions and that all pressure is only directed on decision-takers. Continue reading

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82. A Movement against the 1% is only formed by many leaderless Autonomous Clubs.

Our society is dominated by very rich leaders (the 1%).  We need a society that is different from the present one. In the fight against the all-powerful leaders we must not copy the present structure of society with organisations with leaders and followers. We need individual 99% who act on their own way. We need people who advance inspirational ideas what to do and against whom. Autonomous Clubs do not need leaders who profit from the work of non-leaders. We fight the 1% and when we win we must not create a new 1%. That happened after most past revolutions. Continue reading

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81. Why should the Movement attack the 1%?

The 1% is the top of the world, they have money and power. They decide and interfere in higher circles. Decisions are often taken in backrooms and the 99% do not hear much about what happens there. The super-rich 1% have servants at the top of the industrial, medical, political, military, financial and many other worlds. The 99% can only dream of the high incomes of these leaders. The servants are obedient because the very rich top can interfere in their decisions and also in their incomes. Money is the prime reason of all decisions. Continue reading

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80. A movement against all products that only can be bought and used by the super-rich 1%.

I write only for people who want to get a society in which all people are considered to be equal. After all past revolutions soon a new 1% started to rise. Again common people became secondary. They should again strive for a society without a 1% who base their power on money. Continue reading

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79. A Movement has one dominating action point, organisations have many points.

A movement against the 1% direct all energy of the participants on people who belong to the 1%. Actions are carried out by the 99%, by individual common people. Actions of organisations are mostly promoted by leaders. A movement gives freedom to participants while an organisation only activates one kind of people and divides the 99%. Continue reading

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78. Individual actions by common people are the motor behind all political Movements.

The movements in the years between 1965 and 1985 were inspired by small ideas. They had some successes. But these positive movements hardly changed society. That is the most important reason why movements became very rare after 1985. The influence of the 99% on society became smaller while the influence of the 1% increased. Their money reigned over the interest of the 99%. Continue reading

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77. What is a political Movement.

In a political Movement hundreds of thousands of individual people have a vague common goal and become active to achieve this goal. There are no orders from above, a movement is not an organisation but a gathering of many independent common people. Such a movement can remove the 1% from their power and money to give all people the same status. Continue reading

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76. For change we need political Movements. They do barely exist in rich Western countries.

The 99% hardly move .They are controlled by the 1% and only sometimes they move a little for a short time. There are no political Movements that activate hundreds of thousands of 99% for some years. There are even no vague goals. Maybe a Movement should come into being against the rule of the greedy and selfish 1%. Continue reading

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