59. The killing of Osama Bin Laden was not a success. Of course not.

About five years ago Osama Bin Laden was killed. It was a propaganda stunt. His death hardly influenced the actions of Al Qaeda. A new leader was chosen and the organisation became more active in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Mali and other countries. Killing terrorist leaders is mostly not effective. Another leader has often more effective ideas. Continue reading

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58. In actions the 99% suffer and the 1% continue their extravagant life. We need a new kind of actions!

In the Syrian War hundreds of thousands of common citizens are killed and millions fled their country. The 1% remain untouched. Only the 99% are damaged. The war is wrong because it only hurts the 99%.
But political actions do also hurt only the 99%.  Continue reading

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57. Our life improves when we pressure the 1% to get a world without a 1%.

Actions should never hurt the 99% and only damage the 1%.
In most actions only the 99% are damaged. Leftists fight with rightists, we all fight with the police, we are fined or imprisoned when we occupy buildings or even during peaceful actions, etc. The political servants of the 1% hardly listen to us and the 1% even do not know that we are asking different decisions. There are no actions against the 1% at the top of society. Continue reading

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56. The 62 richest people own as much as the 3.7 billion poorest ones. We should stop this theft of wealth.

Money is more and more concentrated in the pockets of a few very rich people, the 1%. Five years ago 388 people had the same wealth as the poorest half of the world population. Now it are only 62 people. But I see no actions at all against these antisocial people. Not the political, industrial and financial servants of the 1% decide, but the 1% themselves. Still greater streams of money flow towards them.
Why are there no actions against these dictators? Continue reading

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55. Action methods are wrong. The 99% are damaged and the 1% remain undisturbed.

Actions are not wars.
Wars are bad, terrific. All victims are from the 99% and the 1% who cause wars are not touched at all.
The Golden Rule for Actions that damage to the 99% should be minimal and pressure on the 1% ever increasing is contradictionary to what happens in wars. But actions seem wars because all victims are from the 99%. The 1% who are the reason for actions are not disturbed at all. Actions should target the 1% and avoid damage to the 99%. The present action methods are wrong. Continue reading

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The 1% are never attacked and money continues to stream to the top.

The world turns around money.
People with money have power, therefore the 1% have most power.
Through the ages the 1% propagated that money must rule above the interests of common citizens. Therefore there is still poverty, misery, wars and subordination of the 99%. But the 99% do not attack the 1%, they only have some actions against the servants of the 1%.
That must change.
Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!!! A new year with new action goals!

We get a better society by pressuring the most powerful people of the world. The excessive rich 1% are a prime reason that there is still too much misery and poverty, that there are still too many wars in which the 99% suffer and that still huge amounts of money stream to the top. We should strive for a world without a 1% but the 1% are never attacked.

Society changes when we begin to take power and money away from the 1%. Actions against the 1% give the 99% much more pleasure than demonstrations that sometimes end in confrontations with the police.

I wish you a very happy New Year with new actions against new targets.

Download freely my book about why and how to pressure the 1%: “How to make revolution. Developing the Fourth People’s Power”. http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis/Revolution.pdf

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53. One chases refugees away, the other causes that refugees leave their country. Why should you vote?

Nearly a third of the French people voted for the Front National. I do not like its political alternative but leftist parties miss political alternatives. They work together with social-democrats and do not advance ideas how to get a different and better society.
We cannot expect that social-democrats or conservatives improve the life of common citizens very much. They are regulated by money, by the wish of the 1% to get still more money. Continue reading

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52. The climate can only be saved by producing less, in the first place less goods for the 1%.

Living without growth must be possible, otherwise we will eat the earth.

Why do humans want to have more and more? Because the top of the world, the 1%, want to have more and more. Therefore the deteriorating climate cannot be solved, just as the continuing poverty and the ongoing wars. Not humans reign but money. Continue reading

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51. We get a better world when we prevent the 1% to spend their ill-gotten money.

When the 1% cannot spend their surplus money they stop amassing money. Then we get change because the reason to produce something will not be money but the wish to increase the well-being of all people. When money reigns decisions are based on getting as much money as possible and to increase the wealth of the Happy Few, the 1%. Continue reading

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