112. Why are the 1% never attacked? The world is ruled by money and the super-rich rule undisturbed.

The world only changes when the power of the few powerful people on top of the world is undermined. Therefore we need the “Movement against the 1%” that inspires common citizens to carry out many thousands of small actions that disturb the private life of very rich top-people who constantly disturb the private life of the 99%. Continue reading

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111. Most political actions have hardly any success. We need big action targets and thus a new kind of actions.

Some actions have success because they have only small demands. When demands are bigger as stopping new pipelines, preventing that too many people are in prison, that too many blacks are getting long sentences, that the war in Afghanistan is stopped, that ….. results are hardly ever positive. Only many activists are hurt in demonstrations and other actions, are arrested, imprisoned and even killed. For the safety of the activists and for greater successes we need a different kind of actions that not only ask leaders to change faulty decisions but force them to change such decisions.  Continue reading

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Happy New Year for all people who want a more humane world without a 1%.

I doubt that last year was as happy as wished for common citizens. In 2017 the five hundred richest people increased their wealth each day by two and a half billion euro disregarding that still a billion common people have hardly enough money to buy enough food to survive.
Millions of people left their countries because wars, hunger, lack of jobs and many other negative factors influence their happiness. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed in wars. Continue reading

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110. We should only attack the 1%, the super-rich decision-takers who dominate society. All past political actions only damaged people who belong to the 99%.

All decisions, from the far past up till the present, are taken by powerful (and very rich) decision-takers. The 99% have hardly any influence. The consequences of these decisions can be very bad but only hurt the 99%. It is comparable as what happens during wars, the 99% are damaged, arrested, imprisoned, tortured and killed while the 1% is hardly disturbed. Continue reading

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109. We are ruled by authoritarian and even dictatorial leaders. The 99% have ridiculous small influence on any decision.

To get more influence the 99% should directly pressure decision-takers. Continue reading

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108. Political actions are wrong. They do not change the policy nor the activities of political leaders.

In the USA many actions take place against new oil pipelines. Activists demand that politicians take decisions to stop the construction. That will not happen, politicians agreed with the new pipelines in more or less secret meetings where the 99% is not present. They follow the orders from the real decision-takers, the 1% and their high placed servants as for example the Deep State. Politicians are not very powerful, in first place they carry out policies that are favourable for top-people. What activists want is not important. Most actions in the political sphere hardly ever ask the removal of political servants who time and again take decisions that are not very good for the 99%. Continue reading

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107. Can we change? Action successes are mostly very small or even not existing.

“Punching nazis is fun!
But shutting down pipelines is hella important”.
A twitter message on 30-8-2017 by @stimulator, a subversive news show. I do not agree.
Continue reading

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106. We need great ideas. Most actions attack small problems with small ideas. Even when there is success the world does not change.

Great ideas.
We need great ideas to get a better and more humane world.
Great ideas need great targets.
We do not want to change a few small things in the present dubious world but open possibilities to a new world in which all people have the same status, in which all people may challenge any decision that is taken. A world without a super-rich and dominating 1%. Continue reading

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105. The contradiction between leftists and rightists cannot be solved in the present society that is dominated by inequality.

The 1% dominate our society. The richest people have most power and control most decisions. They are hardly ever attacked, leftists as well as rightists only attack people who belong to the 99%. The contradiction between left and right prevents that all attention (and all actions) is directed at the primary enemy, the 1%. Continue reading

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104. The actions against the G20 in Hamburg were not very positive. Wars continue, inequality increases and wide-spread poverty is not wiped out.

Hundreds of thousands of common citizens participated in Germany in actions against the G20. They were enthusiastic because so many people had become active. But there were hardly any positive results. And many activists but also many police-officers, all belonging to the 99%, were damaged while the political leaders in the G20-meeting were not at all disturbed by the actions. Continue reading

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