28. Nobody attacks the power and the money of the 1%, there are only fights between the 99%.

The Western (and richest) part of the 1% controls the world and there are no actions against them. Their rule is not beneficial for the 99% but nobody prevents them to rule. Not only increases the income of the 1% enormously but also too many 99% are arrested, tortured and even killed – not only in wars but also in refugee camps or by lack of food.
The 1% who cause this misery are untouched and continue to live extravagantly on an income level common citizens never can reach.
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27. The Blockupy mass action activated people but not in the right direction.

Blockupy organised a big mass-action against the opening of the new European Central Bank in Frankfurt on the 18th of March. Did it have success and gave it any idea about future actions? No, all action took place in one day and the Bank opened anyhow. Continue reading

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26. The misery and subordination of the 99% continues when the 1% is not attacked

Because of the greed of the 1% problems as the ebola-crisis, the nearly ten million kids that die each year before they are five years old, the millions of refugees from wars and poverty, the billion people that hardly know if they have the next day enough food, are not solved. Continue reading

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25. The 99% fight each other instead of fighting the 1%

In all fights and wars the 99% are killed, wounded, arrested, tortured or damaged and many become refugees. It is caused by the local and international 1% who remain untouched by any action. Undisturbed they continue to control the country and to export expensive commodities to the rich West.
Only sometimes the local 1% have to emigrate for a while. They take their power and money with them to live their extravagant life elsewhere. After a few years they return and again rule their former country

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24. Only the 99% die, not the local and international 1%

World War II was a war between rich countries but only the 99% suffered and died. The 1% remained unhurt and privileged on top of the world.

After World War II we saw decolonisation wars. Again many 99% died and the 1% increased their power and wealth. Millions of refugees (because of wars and poverty) did not live very comfortable and many died.
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23. It is an illusion to think that democracy improves the situation of the 99%

The 99% are subordinate to the 1%. The crisis has again proven that mistakes of the 1% have to be paid by the victims, the 99%. The 1% have become even wealthier and more powerful.

Still many 99% have the illusion that democracy is the best way to organise society though they easily can see that a small group of not-elected people (the 1%) has much more wealth, possessions and power than the great majority ever can get. The inequality is also growing in democracies. Rich democratic countries kill many 99% in wars in not so democratic countries. A fight against a local 1% who just as in our countries increase their wealth, possessions and power is nearly made impossible.

While it should be a human rule that by birth all people have the same status, children of the 1% have a much higher status than 99% children. Democracy is not the way to get a Humane World without a 1%.

It is an illusion to take part in elections but people think there is nothing else to fight for. In this way the high position of the 1% is not undermined and the subordination and misery of the 99% is kept alive without any sight on improvement. The 1% have an increasing power to secure and extend their privileged economic position.

If you vote or do not take part in the election process is of secondary importance. The first goal of the 99% in political activities should be to attack and undrmine the wealth and power of the 1%. Only then we get real improvement, a society in which all people have the same status and the same power. A world in which the 1% and their lackeys have not always the right to improve their own situation without caring what happens to the 99%.

Download freely chapter 6   “I am autonomous, not leftist, nor rightist. The difference between the 99% and the 1% is the most important problem” via http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis/Revolution6.htm.

Or download for free my latest book “How to make Revolution, developing the new Fourth People’s Power” from my site “Down with any elite”, http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis

Joost van Steenis

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22. The 1% kill and steal without ever being prosecuted

By invading and controlling many foreign countries the American 1% (and the allied 1% from other countries) kill many 99%. The Korean and Vietnam War (and other anti-colonial wars) should have been a lesson but the present Arab Wars show that the 1% did not change their policy. The local 1% are never damaged. Only the 99% are killed but that is of secondary importance. For the 1% the 99% are only useful to make the extravagant articles the 1% need in their privileged life. Continue reading

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21. The use of excessive money by the 1% should be a target to correct wrong decisions-takers

In 2014 the Dutch police took 136 million euro from common criminals. It is not much because the gains from criminal activities are much greater but it is a beginning.
But no money is taken from the 1% who use criminal activities and selfishly enrich themselves by taking decisions that benefit only their own already very thick wallets. Goods and services exclusively used by the 1% can become targets in the struggle for a Humane World without a 1% that is not dominated by money. Continue reading

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20. Some violence is necessary to get a world without a 1%

The world of the 1% is high above the world of the 99%. The differences are maintained because the 1% uses a lot of violence. Each year millions of 99% die of poverty or the presence of wars, including refugees. Many millions of 99% are imprisoned. This violence never touches the 1%. Continue reading

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19. Greek elections, no real change possible without attacking and controlling the 1%

I am not very optimistic about the Greek elections.
Of course it is good that Syriza has won, of course there will be some improvement in the life of the Greek 99%. But it will be a restricted improvement when the cause of all misery, the presence of the 1%, is even hardly mentioned. The 1% decide without any elections how money is divided over the people. Continue reading

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